Airstar Inflatable Dome Pavilion

40 / 60 / 72 foot Diam.

Ground, Supported

2 Weeks

The Airstar Inflatable Dome Pavilion is an inflatable pavilion with no hard framework that provides an amazing atmosphere and is full of possibilities. Enhance the Dome by using the large surface area as a giant screen for video projectors and moving lights. Saturate the walls with static or changing color and the ambiance will match any desired mood or theme. Designers have an opportunity to express their imagination and showcase their ideas in a unique way.

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Airstar Inflatable Dome Pavilion Specifications:

  • › Air-inflated
  • › Covers 2,800 sf
  • › Can change color
  • › Waterproof
  • 40ft diameter (20ft height) option
  • 60ft diameter (30ft height) option
  • 72ft diameter (36ft height) option


  • › Events
  • › Parties
  • › Live shows
  • › Show-rooms