Space Lighting

It starts with an impossible idea that meets focused creativity
and converts into great results

Our Story

Space Lighting continues to be a leader in the field of lighting balloons in Texas. We are proud to be the exclusive distributor of Airstar products and services for Texas. We offer not only products like lighting balloons, but turnkey offerings, bringing solutions to obstacles and problems faced by our industry-leading clients.

Our solutions are utilized by a variety of industries. These include: private parties, corporate events, live shows, concerts, weddings, exhibits, sporting events, film, television, construction, rescue operations and many more. The creativity, practicality and flexibility of our products help everyone ranging from Event Coordinators and Directors of Photography to the Project Manager constructing a new highway. Space Lighting can help reach new heights of utility, perfection and creativity.

Space Lighting continues to be a priceless asset to Event Coordinators throughout the state. We offer more than just a product by providing experts who can work with you to make your event unique. Our experienced team knows and understands the large variety and versatility of our product lines and can help you to find the best solution for all of your needs.
Our products are:
› Original and innovative due to the shape, colors, and light
› Multifunction: lighting, decor, signage or brand recognition and safety
› Customizable with printing, vinyl or embroidery
› Lightweight, mobile and easy to move
› Strong, durable and safe
› Reliable and resistant to most weather conditions
› Glare-free light over 360°
› Respects the landscape

Every improvement that we make continues to push the limits of imagination of what is possible. For Space Lighting... THE SKY IS TRULY THE LIMIT.