Airstars as Event Area Markers

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Using Airstars as Event Area Markers

One of the most practical uses for our Airstar balloon lights happens when graphics are added. In addition to event or sponsor logos, key event area markers can be placed around an event venue. Let every attendee know immediately upon arrival where to find the restrooms, food and drinks, or first aid station. Our stands are adjustable from 7 feet to 18 feet. This ensures every important area of your event will be seen from a distance by your guests.

Airstar Crystal near Ambulance as Event Area Markers

Airstar Crystal near Ambulance

Airstar Crystal Near First Aid Station as Event Area Markers

Airstar Crystal near First Aid Station









Lighting and Signage, All in One

Let Space Lighting take care of the signage at your next special event. First of all, our graphics department can create logos to describe locations throughout your space. These event area markers will make a large impact during your next special event. Also, let our experienced sales department assist with the design and flow of your event. Finally, feel confident that our team of professional technicians will exceed your expectations, every time.


Airstar Crystal near Bar

Airstar Crystal near Bar

Airstar Crystal Near Portos

Airstar Crystal near Portos


Our innovative lighting systems separate Space Lighting from competitors by combining powerful glare-free lighting with versatility, portability, and style. Airstars are the perfect light source for festivals and sporting events. In addition, our balloon lights also work well as safety lighting for any event or work site.

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